Museum Africa's Young Idealist Programs

Help us raise $300,000 to support our Young Idealist Summer Programs -- programs designed to learn more about Africa and its people. The YI program will do this thirty students at a time.

Why is such a program important? For one thing, it provides young people all over the world an opportunity to see firsthand what Africans have contributed to civilization. It is an attempt to reverse the negative misinformation about Africa's past while looking forward to its future. As with the Young Judea program, on which the YIP is modeled, it rewards hard-working, studious young people who want to know more about Africa and its people.

Each year thirty students from around the world will travel to either Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana or some other African country to discover for themselves Africa's place in world history.

We need your help to make this possible!

- Museum Africa's Young Idealist Team

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